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About Luke

Young Luke

Luke Thomas has worked as a professional horseman since 1987.

He has started over 3,500 horses under saddle and has handled and taught to lead over 2000 foals.

Luke was mentored by some of the best horsemen on the planet including being a personal student of both Harry Meyer and Ray Hunt. 

As a horse crazy kid Luke learned to ride helping his uncle muster cattle on the family farms. Almost every day of Luke's childhood involved horses.

Luke in Training

After leaving school Luke worked for several years under the watchful eye of Harry Meyer, starting some of the most valuable thoroughbred horses in the country. Harry was recognised as the best in the business and had started over 16,000 horses in his lifetime including 6 Melbourne cup winners.  

After learning the trade, Luke hit the road and headed North to start horses on cattle stations. After 14 tours into the top end of Australia and after taming around 1,600 often wild and unhandled horses Luke had begun to realise just how much he didn’t know.

Shows and Entertainment

For the first 25 years of his working life Luke worked as a full time professional colt started/horse tamer until taking on a roll during winter seasons at The Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame and at the Back O Bourke Exhibition Centre as an entertainer performing in front of large audiences daily with his trick horses, working dogs, camels and team of working Bullocks. During the summer months Luke would continue to work starting polo horses, gallopers, and pleasure horses.

In more recent years Luke has worked on thoroughbred studs handling hundreds of foals each year and is currently contracted to some of, if not the best horse studs in Australia.

Some of the most renowned horseman and women on the planet have spent time working with Luke learning his ways and to this day Luke's commitment to teaching, inspiring, and imparting knowledge persists, with the aim of motivating others to discover improved methods of engaging with and existing with horses.

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