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 Lucky Lukes Lunging Leading Loading Laydown and Liberty Lessons

Performances for Schools

Its a pretty exciting day at school when 3 beautiful and very clever horses come to visit.

The Horse Industry is one of the largest employers in Australia. Our performances for schools we share the exitance of the many different jobs and careers that are encompassed within the horse world.

  The history of the horse throughout the ages is something that is covered in the visit as well as the comedy act from Mister, the wildest horse in the world... because everyone needs a good laugh.  


    The most beneficial element of the visit is the demonstration of a simple mindfulness technique that puts the horses into a sleep like state. By using the horse as an example of how mindfulness can have such a relaxing calming effect on an animal as large as a horse, we can share with your students the incredible benefits of even a small amount of stillness of the mind and awareness of surroundings that can occur on each and everyone of us.

Horses performing on show

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